Recently, the industry of educational computer games has been developing very rapidly. and game developers have more opportunities, non-formal education that students can get using gaming platforms becomes relevant.

The Way of Creating Best Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo games (both computer and conventional) are not easy to learn due to their multidimensionality. They can be viewed from a variety of points of view. Developing and producing games requires knowledge of cognitive psychology, computer science, game environment design, and scripting – and that’s not all! To fully understand the essence of the game, you need to study every element of it.

Creating a game is a complex and lengthy process in which game design plays one of the most important roles. So what stages of development does a game go through under the guidance of a skilled game designer? Basically, the designers completely plan all the elements of the game: rules, structure, objects, characters, vehicles, various tools that characters can use, as well as interface and menu design.

The design process goes through several stages: first of all, the game designer uses the conceptual design document, which goes through the initial design process to convince the members of the development team, and then the sponsors, that this game is worth promoting. Then comes the development stage. A game designer develops a prototype for a game. In this, he is assisted by a small group of designers and programmers. The resulting document contains the makings of gameplay, recommendations for the further development of animation, and defines all game functionality in general. After the creation of the beta version, the game designer is no longer active.

Technologies of new 3ds exclusive games not only promote the education of cognitive interests and activity of pupils but also carry out a number of other functions:

1) correctly organized taking into account specificity of material the game trains memory, helps pupils to develop language abilities and skills;

2) the game stimulates the mental activity of students, develops attention and cognitive interest in the subject;

3) game – one of the methods of overcoming the passivity of students.

The Top 5 Best Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo games are becoming more widespread and, as a result, there is a growing debate over their social impact. Is play a new medium, a valuable educational tool, or is it a form of wasteful pastime, a threat to children’s health and morals? Video games are both. Take a look at the top 5 the best Nintendo 3DS games:

  1. Fire Emblem Warriors.
  2. Wind-up Knight 2.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles.
  4. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
  5. Runbow Pocket.

Meanwhile, the best Nintendo 3DS games are gearing up to launch their biggest marketing war to accompany the launch of its new consoles. Amid all the controversy over the details of labeling, hidden content, and deprivation of innocence of children, three important factors have been overlooked. First, the public’s attitude to games bears the imprint of a “generational conflict”. Second, there is no conclusive evidence that games increase aggressiveness. And finally, third, games have enormous educational potential.

The essence of the Nintendo games lies in the fact that it is not the result that is more important, but the process of experiencing itself, tied with the game. At the same time, in the first place, it is important for one to see the experience of positive feelings for the people, in a different way, through the experience of only one, it is possible to drive positively to the point of being positive.