The principle of social tools working is a process of attracting interest to any Internet resource through social platforms.

Social Media as an Integral Part of Your Business

More than 90% of discussions about brands and their products take place on social tools. People are used to sharing their impressions with friends and acquaintances. According to research by Yahoo! 49% of consumers give advice to others through social networks, 60% use them to find various discounts and 70% of users trust the Internet when looking for information about the products they are planning to purchase.

In such conditions, constant monitoring of opinions about your brand, the formation of its positive image, management of the company’s reputation, interaction with users, and informing about their products and services in social networks is an important aspect of the activities of any organization. This kind of promotion is a must in any serious advertising campaign. Social network users are happy to subscribe to microblogs and company pages because of the desire to support their favorite brands and in order to learn about new products, discounts, and promotions, to keep abreast of the latest news, receive gifts, coupons and bonuses.

At the same time, the user can remain in the community of your company for many years. If he is interested in your page or group, you regularly post exclusive offers, hold contests, then he will actively participate in the life of your community. At the same time, on the company’s website, unlike social networks, it is very difficult to retain an audience: if you manage to attract a user, he can read news, an article, purchase a product and never go to your Internet address again.

Since social media allows the audience to immediately express their attitude to a particular brand action, the number of reviews, both positive and negative, increases. The presence of a brand on a social network helps not only to combat negative opinions but also to increase the number of positive mentions. So, for example, users can indicate your page in their post or a special hashtag belonging to your brand. This allows you to increase the reach of positive publications and overall audience loyalty.

What Are the Goals of Social Tools Promotion?

With the help of promotion in social networks, the following main tasks can be solved:

  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing brand loyalty;
  • growth of brand credibility;
  • expanding the target audience;
  • increasing the volume of knowledge about the product;
  • delivering information about the product to the target audience;
  • lead generation (the process of collecting contact information of people potentially interested in buying a product or service);
  • attraction of new clients.

Through engagement and the benefits received, the subscriber of the page becomes loyal, recommends it to friends, and protects the interests of the brand. Today, this method is actively used in the direction of cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and personalized items. Instagram is considered one of the most successful channels for selling consumer goods. It combines visual perception, recommendations from friends, and opinion leaders in the form of fashion bloggers and celebrities.

The main indicator of social tools, in this case, will be precisely the reach of the audience and its activity. New brands and companies after rebranding and renaming need not only create content but also communicate it through popular communities and influencers. This allows the brand to stay heard of its audience without even offering unique products and services at the moment.